Monday, March 24, 2014

It’s no joke...

NPHumour Ends

We’ve decided to end NPHumour. It all started nearly three years ago with one joke, then a story and then a website. Since we started, we’ve had nearly 200,000 visitors. Not bad, but sadly, not good enough, either.

There’s always been a part of the charity sector that never laughs. And while we’ve certainly tried to do our part to change that we just haven’t been able to break through to the larger sector. This publication has always been run on a shoestring, and in fact, we probably lose money on it. But lately, writing these stories has become harder and more burdensome. 

We are signing off at what we hope is the height of our success. Please accept our thanks for visiting us. Thanks to our loyal subscribers. Thanks to our many sponsors.

We’ll be keeping the website up for the time being, so enjoy our more than published 230 stories. 

Maybe one day we’ll be back. 

All the best.