Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Annual People's Choice Awards

Welcome to our third annual awards - NP LOL!
Every year, we pick some of the best stories and ask you to vote for story of the year. This year, we have 10 finalists. Seven were selected because they had the most page views and three were just stories we liked. Go online now and vote for the top story. If you do, you'll be entered into a draw for a free gift from our online store. We'll announce the winners in January. Good Luck!


Conspiracy Theory Foundation suspicious as to why capital campaign is going so slow

Anti-social media foundation launches new social media fundraising campaign

Foundation to Stop Procrastination delays its new strategic plan, again

47 local charities mistakenly have gala fundraiser all on the same night

New study finds most fundraising consultants consult other consultants about consulting

Cash-strapped charity hands out new titles instead of pay raises

Work/Life Balance committee told to work late, weekends to get report done

Charity offers cash to get people to donate

Darth Vader named head of this year’s Imperial United Way Campaign

Gen Y pledges to support charities after Boomers pass as long as it somehow involves helping a cool band make their first album