Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NPHumour Survey - Fundraising just barely fun

Fundraising just barely fun

New NPHumour survey finds that only 52% say it is fun

A new survey by the world’s only comedy website devoted to non-profits has concluded that fundraising is only barely fun.

The real, serious online survey done through the NPHumour website found that only 52 percent of respondents said that it was fun. Of those, 46 percent said that it was mostly fun and 26% said it was sometimes fun.

“Let’s face it. A thing that is only barely fun isn’t much fun,” said NPHumour Editor-in-Chief John Suart. Just over 40 percent said it wasn’t fun at all.”

A further 12 per cent said they didn’t know whether fundraising was fun or where web-bots trolling the Internet and had no opinion. The survey was conducted over three months and is considered as inaccurate and likely unreplicable 19 times out of 20.

“The survey confirms what we know here at NPHumour – fundraisers take themselves too seriously and don’t know how to laugh at themselves or our work,” said Suart.

“It also shows that our services at NPHumour are desperately needed.”

NPHumour celebrated its 2nd anniversary in October. More than 172,000 people have visited the website since it was created. Modelled after The Onion, the site publishes non-profit and charity satire every week for free. The site is based in Canada, but has subscribers in the US, the UK, Australia and Europe.