Sunday, November 17, 2013

New quality control committee can’t find quality control plan

All that could be found - an old agenda

The first meeting of the Metro Hospital Foundation’s new quality project committee came to a screeching halt yesterday when they couldn’t find the charity’s quality plan.

The plan was created six months ago and involved a four-week process involving staff and members of the Board of Directors and led by an outside consultant. Foundation Executive Director Phyllis Snidely says when the seven people tasked with taking the next big step into the new world of quality control got together they couldn’t find the 100-page plan.

“We spent weeks on it. I remember writing lots of stuff down and talking to that big consultant we hired. And reading things about quality processes. But then it all goes blank. I can’t even remember where we put it,” said Snidely, who has been leading the Foundation for more than a decade.

A look in the filing cabinets found the “Quality Project” folder filled with the files from the staff coffee fund project instead. Further searches could not find any trace of it in the filing cabinets. A search of the Foundation’s computer network found the “Quality” folder was also empty, except for one old agenda and Snidely’s grocery list from a month ago. Staff said they didn’t keep a copy of the report on their computers because they thought Snidely, the project leader, was doing that. Snidely’s has been through two executive assistants since the plan was created, making the situation worse.

“We were only able to find a beaten up copy of the first page of the plan under a coffee pot in the lunchroom,” said Snidely.

The Foundation asked their outside consultant for a copy of the report, but he has since retired to become a painter in the Azores. His firm says they don’t have a copy of plan.

“Our last hope was to ask the two members of the Board who helped us write the plan. One of them has since resigned and we can’t find his phone number. The other said they she really wasn’t paying attention and just came for the free coffee and muffins.”

Snidely says they may have to just start the whole process over again from scratch. They have already started work on a new RFP for another quality consultant, but it could be months before someone is in place.

“We had the RFP ready to go, but someone forgot to order letterhead and we couldn't find our logo image files. We’ll get them, though. Right after I remember where my pen is.”