Sunday, November 3, 2013

Charity’s Facebook Likes skyrocket after switching to pictures of cute puppies, cats that do tricks

The Metro Community Trust Foundation’s new social media strategy has seen its Facebook likes increase an astronomical 2,000 times in just the last week. Metro’s largest charity says it from 187 Likes to more 374,000 after introducing the strategy, which replaced pictures of Foundation activities and real people it helps with pictures of cute puppies and cats that do amazing tricks.

“We’ve seen an amazing increase in our Likes at our Facebook page. It’s unbelievable,” said Foundation CEO Dibble Brewer. “Before we started this new strategy, we had only mediocre results with social media. But this new way of reaching donors by featuring a constant supply of puppies and cats that do tricks is really hitting the mark.”

The new strategy was developed by famed social media agency Big Invoice, which determined that Facebook posts about what the social service activities the Foundation actually does were acting as a “social negative”. They recommended that the Foundation adopt a “token message” designed to reach more donors and not be “so fucking boring.”

“I could only understand every third word in the brief 20 minute phone conversation we had with their team in New York,” admits Brewer. “When they said we should flood Facebook with puppies and talented cats that could do tricks I was kind of skeptical. But they were absolutely right, and the proof is in the 300,000 extra Likes we’ve received. Definitely worth the $50,000 we paid.”

Two days after accumulating a hundred pictures and videos of cute puppies and cats that do tricks, they started the strategy. Results started pouring in within a few hours. Likes kept climbing and didn’t stop. The response was so strong that even the videos about how the Foundation helps the poor and homeless in Metro got a few clicks.

Most of the traffic came from out of state Facebook users and a substantial number from overseas. Brewer says Big Invoice told them that the extra traffic was a great victory.

“They told us having the fact that 98 percent of our Likes were from outside Metro showed that our message was having a global impact. They told us to just watch and wait for the global wave of support to reach Metro,” said Brewer.

So far, the avalanche of Likes has only led to a modest increase online donations.

“We’re very pleased so far that online donations have increased threefold from $100 a month to $300 a month. That’s quite an accomplishment I’m told,” he said. “And soon, all those clicks will lead to a lot more donations. That’s what Big Invoice told us.”

The next part of the strategy is to switch to stories about cute babies wearing funny hats. Brewer says he hopes this will turn the Foundation into one the largest charities in the US.