Thursday, September 5, 2013

Transplant charity’s gala silent auction to feature kidney, liver, cruise

The Metro Foundation for Transplant Awareness has released details about its annual massive silent auction and gala fundraising dinner next month. The auction, famous for its amazing prizes, will feature cash prizes, a cruise, two sports cars, a liver and a kidney.

“This year we’ve really outdone ourselves. The prizes we’ve come up with for the silent auction are about ten times better than last year – the cruise, the cars, the kidney. It’ll just blow your mind,” said Foundation CEO Dennis Snidely.

The annual gala dinner raises tens of thousands of dollars for the Foundation’s transplant awareness programs. This is the tenth year for the gala, which has featured one of the largest silent auctions in the tri-state area. Snidely says the prizes alone are worth the $150.00 per person cost of the dinner.

“We’re going to have great food and great entertainment, but the highlight of the event has always been our auction. The chance to win a trip around the world on a luxury cruise or to drive away with a new Italian sports car or to have your very own human liver on ice in case you ever need it. That’s what makes this event so special,” he said.

A committee of a dozen local luminaries has been working on the gala event and silent auction for more than six months. Most of the prizes, including the human spleen and the free maid service for life, were donated by local supporters.

Snidely says the success of the auction is really a testimony to the hard work of the sponsors.

“We couldn’t create this kind of silent auction without the people who gave us the prizes,” he said. “Joe Fontana from Big Willy’s Hardware has been giving us cruise ship prizes for the past eight years. The guys at Metro Sports Cars have been donating cars since we started. And Mrs. Williams’s family just gave us her kidney last week to help others. That’s real commitment. Our supporters are really heroes.”

Excitement about the silent auction is already building. Ticket sales have been steadily increasing in the run-up to the event.

“Every year, we buy a ticket to the gala. It’s such great fun,” said noted philanthropist Sidney Moneybags. “And I’ve been having renal problems. Taking home a fresh human kidney would give me great peace of mind.”

Last year’s grand prize winner, Dibble Brewer, says she is telling all her friends to buy tickets. “Winning last year and getting that human heart was such a thrill. I still have it on my mantle in dry ice. There’s only one place where you can get something like that and that’s at the Foundation for Transplant Awareness gala dinner and silent auction.”