Thursday, September 26, 2013

First online dating site for fundraisers bringing lonely major gifts, annual giving, gift processing people together

Online dating has come to the fundraising sector. A new site, Donation-of-Love, has been launched to bring romance and marriage to fundraisers across the US.

Launched in New York City yesterday, the new service, which calls itself DOL for short, promises to bring happiness and companionship to the otherwise lonely and meaningless lives of fundraisers. Founder, Sandra Snidely, says DOL’s services are badly needed.

“Our research found that fundraisers are mostly loners, who can’t hold a relationship or start a new one. There’s something about being a fundraiser that just makes them homely,” she said.

The new service will allow fundraisers from across the country to reach out to each other for friendship and love. The site features an extensive matching system that rates users on ten scales of compatibility.

“Fundraisers are unique, so we built them a unique online dating service that really defines who they are as a person and who they want as a mate. Other online dating sites have their compatibility scales, but ours is the only one customized to fundraisers,” said Snidely.

The site allows users to pick potential mates from a number of categories, such as major gifts, annual giving, gift processing and gift planning. Snidely says many fundraisers want to date people who are in the same trade, but others want some variety.

Dibble Brewer, a major gifts managers from Denver, has been a member of the site for three months. She says she liked the category feature.

“I’m looking for a fit, athletic man who likes to take long walks and discuss gift planning pyramids. That’s why I selected only other major gifts dates. I don’t want any of those annual giving types – they just stay indoors and lick envelopes all day long. Yech,” said Brewer.

“I’ve dated a number of major gifts women,” explained Seattle annual giving manager Chad Dimple. “They were so good at their job I didn’t know if they really liked me for myself or just wanted to know some of my donor contacts, know what I mean? With DOL, I can find people just like me.”

The site also asks users a whole series of questions on everything about which fundraising databases they use to how much money they have raised. Gift planning officer Werner Turner, from Texas, says he really liked the ability the site gives him to understand where potential dates land on gifts of stock and cash equivalents.

“I really like things like gifts of life insurance policies, but I know that’s a turn-off for many women. Through DOL, I’ve been able to find a number of narrow-minded fundraisers who are just like me,” he said.

Susie Moneybags, a gift processor in Baton Rouge, says she wants a girlfriend who appreciates the fundraising database she uses.

“How could I ever go out with someone who doesn’t understand our query system or can’t knowledgably talk about coding errors? That’s not who I want in a mate,” she said.