Thursday, September 12, 2013

All thumbs charity CEO accidently fires staff in texting mishap

The CEO of Metro’s largest charity accidently fired all her senior managers yesterday because of a texting mishap on her smart phone.

Senior managers at the Metro Community Foundation received a text from long-time CEO and technophobe Ima Shore last Wednesday telling them “You’re fired”. In fact, Shore, who can barely operate her new smart phone, was actually texting “You are hired” to the winning candidate for the recent job competition for her new Executive Assistant. Her smart phone’s auto-correct texting feature changed the message, but she failed to notice before she sent it.

“I thought I was sending a welcome message to my new admin assistant, but I somehow wound up firing all five of my senior managers,” recalled Shore, who often makes mistakes with technology. “That wasn’t what I meant to do. Something must be wrong with my phone.”

The managers tried to text and even call Shore on her smart phone to clarify the message, but she had mistakenly turned the phone’s ringer to silent and remaining oblivious to the situation until she arrived the next day and found all the managers had left.

“I called them on the phone from my office and asked them where they were. Then they told me. Like, why do they make phones that have auto-correct features on it?”

In fact, this is not the first time Shore has had trouble with typing. Two months ago she sent an email to the board about upcoming public meetings. Because of her dreadful typing “public” became “pubic”. The headline for her series of emails was “New Insert for the Pubic”. Despite several emails from Board members trying to correct the problem, it took two weeks for Shore to notice it.

“The email was fine when I typed it. I don’t understand how this could happen,” she later said. “Something must be wrong with my email.”

Last year, Shore made a similar mistake when setting up her first Facebook and Twitter accounts. She absentmindedly typed her name wrong as “Ima Hore” and didn’t notice it for several months.

“I kept getting all these rude Facebook messages from people thinking that I was some kind of hooker or something. I couldn’t figure out why. Now that I had my assistant correct the spelling of my name they have stopped,” said Shore. “Something must be wrong with Facebook.”

The managers are now back at work, although many of them complained loudly to fellow staff members and friends about how they were treated. Shore says she says its business as usual at the Foundation.

“I just sent a message to all of our donors explaining the mishap and telling them it will ever happen again,” she said, not realizing her latest typo.