Monday, September 30, 2013

A world-wide search for answers to the ageless question – is FUNdraising any FUN?


Editor’s Note
To mark our 2nd Anniversary we have decided to take on one of the most serious questions that has bedevilled our sector for more than 100 years – is FUNdraising any fun? It might appear to be a simple question. Simple, yes, but until now impossible to answer with any great authority. Many pundits, philosophers and scholars throughout history have grappled with this question but failed. Now, it’s your turn. Let the world know where you stand by voting in our online poll.

Go online now to this LINK and vote on whether FUNdraising is FUN or NOT-SO-FUN.

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We’ll release the answer in November. Feel free to email us your pictures and videos and we’ll include them in our video announcing the answer -

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Guest Editorials
Before you vote, listen to these arguments for and against. 

FUNdraising is FUN
By Jessica Snidely, Director of Development at the University Hospital Foundation of Northern Southern Iowa

I want to thank the editors of NPHumour for asking me, one of the world’s greatest fundraisers, a leader of many a successful mega-capital campaign, a skilled communicator and mother of two over-achieving daughters, for this opportunity to advocate for the “FUN” in FUNdraising.

You know, my time here at the Foundation is coming to an end, and I’m looking for other opportunities where my very talented and many skills can be used to forge a real bond between community and charity. I specialize in creating a connection in which philanthropists in the community can successfully impart their knowledge and wisdom to a charity like a hospital or university in the forms of large wads of cash. And I mean lots.

The money we have raised to date has been a team effort, but in fact all of it is my doing. I’m really a fundraising leader with an incredible vision and drive that could easily lead any development team anywhere. I’m that good. Really. Just call me. Go on, just call. Don’t be shy.

Now, what was I supposed to be writing about again? Oh, yes. FUNdraising is fun. It’s in the name. Right at the start. Can’t miss it, really.

Grumpy Cat
Call me. Get me out of here.

FUNdraising is Not-So-Fun
By Grumpy Fundraising Cat

If it was fun, would we have to put up with people like Jessica? Enough said. Got to go to the litterbox.