Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kansas charity can’t understand opposition to new “F.U.C.Kansas” brand

CEO Snidely announces the new brand

A Kansas charity says it has no idea why there is such opposition to its new brand. The Foundation for United Charities of Kansas unveiled the new “FUCKansas” brand last week with full-page newspaper and TV advertising, videos and a new website. But the reaction was not what they expected.

“We can’t understand the response we’re getting. People just seem to dislike the new brand for some strange reason that we can’t figure out,” admitted Foundation CEO Turner Snidely.

The new brand was created by Big Invoice, the world renown ad agency who has created brands for some of the top 100 corporations in the US. The $250,000 makeover turned the Foundation’s old “UCK Foundation” into “FUCKansas”. Snidely says pre-launch tests of the new brand were very positive during its creation.

“Big Invoice did focus groups and surveys on more than 1,000 people during the creation of the brand and
The Board with the new brand
the results were obvious – the brand that got to most response was FUCKansas. It was the hands down winner,” he explained.

Snidely says the Board believes that some of the opposition is just from the charity’s long-time donors who want the Foundation to stick to its roots.

“We know a lot of people don’t like the new brand, but we think it’s because it’s different from the one we’ve been using for 25 years,” said Snidely. “Our older donors grew up with the old logo so they have an attachment to it.”

“But everything changes. They have to move with the times. I’m confident that in a year or so they will accept the new brand and soon FUCKansas will be just as well-liked as our old logo.”

The Foundation’s point-person on the new branding process, marketing coordinator Mary Snowblen, says she thinks she knows why there is so much opposition to the new brand.

“I know exactly what it is. It’s the multi-coloured star above the name. Those aren’t our traditional colours. I bet some of the old donors don’t like the star and that’s why they’re so cranky,” she said.

Snowblen took over the branding project after the Foundation laid off its marketing manager and vice-president of marketing last year due to budget cuts. She says the process was a lot easier than she thought.

“I just let Big Invoice take the reins and run with this and they did a wonderful job,” she said. “Some people said that we couldn’t do this re-brand without some of our marketing leaders. But things turned out just fine.”

Snidely says the Foundation plans to increase its advertising with the new brand because it feels that their new image is misunderstood.

“People just need to see more of FUCKansas. I’m confident that when they do, they’ll come to like it as much as I do,” he said.