Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gift Planners group urges Baby Boomers to retire sooner, give more, die quicker

The association that represents the more than 50,000 gift planners across the US is calling on Baby Boomers to retire sooner, give more and die as fast as possible.

The American Association of Gift Planners and Crossing Guards made the statement in its annual report, released last week at its annual conference in Las Vegas. In the report, called “Time To Go”, the group argues that to keep US charities solvent in the next decade the Baby Boomers will have to double their charitable donations. The only way to do that, says Association CEO Arnie Snidely, is for the Boomers to retire and then pass away at a much faster rate.

“The demographics are clear. The Xers don’t have the numbers or the finances to keep most US charities going and Millennials are likely to be living in near poverty for most of their lives,” explains Snidely. “That leaves a very small window in which Boomers can retire, shed their money and save the US charitable sector.”

“The best way for them to do that is make a planned gift – leave something in their will or give gifts of life insurance policies,” said Snidely.

“And then politely die.”

The Association says that if Boomers answer the call to make a planned gift and then pass on US charities will get enough of an influx of new cash to keep going despite the downturn in the economy. It worries that Boomers will retire and live out their lives for as long as possible. If that happens, research shows the Boomers will give up their money in donations at too slow a pace to keep most US charities afloat.

“The Boomers are really the only hope for US charities long-term,” said Snidely. “I know most of them want to spend their golden years in style as king of the generational heap, but US charities can’t afford them to. They’ve really got to go for the good of society.”

The Association is launching a new public education program to encourage Boomers to go early called “Check Out.” It features a humorous, animated cat who thanks the Boomer generation for everything they have done, asks them to make a planned gift and then leave existence. The program features link to euthanasia, skydiving and bungee-jumping organizations in communities across the US.

“We really hope the Baby Boomers answer the call to help US charities,” said Snidely. “If this doesn’t work, we may have to start robbing banks and 7-11s.”

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