Thursday, August 8, 2013

Doctor Who named campaign chair of Time Lord University?

An older picture of The Doctor

The Doctor has been named as the chair of the new $40 Sexdecillion capital fundraising campaign for Time Lord University on Gallifrey. The Time Out Campaign is due to be launched sometime next year, or last, or the year before that on Earth. 

“We’re so pleased that The Doctor has agreed to lead this important effort to raise money for a new sports complex and student life center at Time Lord U,” said Lord Borusa, University Chancellor and Cardinal of the High Council of Gallifrey. “He has always been a strong supporter of the University – except then 4th regeneration who was a bit of an ass. With him at the helm, I’m sure we’ll be able to meet our fundraising goal.”

The Doctor replaces the previously announced campaign chair, The Master. University officials say that The Master agreed to step down from the post after he was found to be in a conflict of interest because he was also on the campaign cabinet of the Daleks Universe Domination Foundation on the planet Skaro.

“We appreciated the efforts of The Master, but his Dalek friends made his role quite impossible. We’re grateful that The Doctor was able to step in and take the reins at such short notice,” said Lord Borusa.

The Time Out Campaign is the University’s first, third and ninth capital fundraising campaign, depending on where one is on the galactic time sphere. Previous campaigns had only modest targets and failed to meet their fundraising goals. The Doctor says he’s confident that they will be able to reach their goal.

“Time Lord U is a force for good in the universe. I know that with the help of the alumni, the High Council and fellow Time Lords everywhere we will be able to get the money to build this vitally needed new gym and student food court,” said the Twelfth Doctor, who looks a lot like the British actor Peter Capaldi.

The Campaign calls for The Doctor to roam the universe calling on Time Lord alumni, planet leaders and galactic bigwigs for leadership gifts. The campaign is currently in the quiet phase, but is expected to be formally announced next year after the Time Lords have defeated The Daleks and The Cybermen.

Other people named to the campaign cabinet are Romana, the Medling Monk, the Valeyard and the 2nd regeneration of The Doctor (who currently is on an extended holiday with Zoe and Polly). 

Officials with the campaign says they plan to place billboards on all TARDIS’s to help market the campaign.