Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Call of Fundraising 3 released on Xbox

The latest installment in the Call of Fundraising game series has been released on Xbox. Call of Fundraising 3 promises double the action and a whole new set of cool fundraising missions. Charity leaders are hailing the new game as a major technical achievement in fundraising gaming.

“This is head and shoulders above Call of Fundraising 2. The gameplay and the graphics are absolutely amazing. Fundraisers will be totally blown away by the action,” said James Snidely, Editor of Fundraising Gamer Magazine. 

Dibble/Brewer Interactive, maker of the game, says the new version took more than a year to make and involved a team of more than 100 designers, testers, fundraisers and gift planners.

“In Call of Fundraising 3, we’ve added a lot more features and some real cool missions,” said company CEO Sweets Tolonga.


The game features the adventures of major gifts officer, known simply as The Master Fundraiser, while he attempts to raise money for the $500 million University of Eastern Western Virginia’s new capital campaign. Through a series of fundraising missions players must raise at least $50 million in donations and pledges. Along the way, players must square off with the fundraisers from across town, called CHAOS.

“Of course, the bad guys are back again – the evil fundraisers from CHAOS, the evil foundation. They’re still angry about how The Master Fundraiser took the million dollar gift from the Jones family in the last game. And now it’s payback time. They’ll be trying to take all of your signature donors,” said Tolonga.

Missions take fundraisers around the US and around the world looking for top donors to help the campaign. This includes storming a billionaire’s ocean-going yacht in the Black Sea, penetrating CHAOS’s underwater base in Lake Ontario to steal their donor database and skiing down Mount Everest with a crazy millionaire who only talks to fundraisers when he’s in danger. There’s even a Cold War Retro mission that takes players back to the fundraising days of the 1970s where they must battle the KGB Foundation for a major donation in war-torn Africa.

The game also opens up a new backstory that explains how the Master Fundraiser started in Annual Gifts and worked his way up the ladder to senior major gifts officer in a sea of blood.

“We introduce a new character, Penny. She’s the Master Fundraisers first love and one of the admin types from Annual Giving. They raise money, fight bad guys and fall in love. But then she dies in The Master Fundraiser’s arms after a shootout with CHAOS. It’s really very touching,” said Tolonga.

This version of the game also gives players a host of new tools, including automatic tax calculators and gift planning devices that let characters figure out the exact tax benefits of a gift of a life insurance policy.

“We’ve done everything we can to make this game  as realistic as possible. Players will know what’s it’s like to be a major gifts fundraiser – love, bullets, dust, sweat and blood.”