Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anti-social media foundation launches new social media fundraising campaign

The Foundation Against Social Media is launching a new multi-million dollar fundraising campaign using social media.

The new $50 million campaign, called Anti-Social, will feature a new Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel. This is the first time the Foundation has used exclusively online marketing to fundraise for its fight against everything online.

“Our latest fundraising campaign will make a major dent in the evils of social media, and how it is enslaving us and exposing us to countless violations of our privacy,” said Foundation CEO Noisey Snidely. “Through our new Facebook page we’re asking Americans from coast-to-coast to contribute stories, videos and pictures about how social media is destroying our way of life. We then plan to feature all of them in new series of online videos supported by YouTube and Twitter.”

The new campaign will fund the construction of a new center for research into destructive power of social media, to be co-located on the Facebook campus at Menlo Park, near San Francisco.

Snidely admits their latest campaign is very ambitious, and that their fight against social media will be challenging.

“Social media is everywhere, but so, too are germs and killer viruses. We’re learning how to make people healthier and prevent these microscopic thingies from killing them. Same thing with social media. One day, people will look back and see social media for what it is – a pestilence on our society. And our new Facebook campaign will show them how,” said Snidely.

The Foundation’s new social media strategy was created by Big Invoice, the Los Angeles-based social media think tank that has fueled some of the most innovative and creative social media campaigns on the web.

It features a special smart phone app available for iPhones, Blackberrys and Android devices that the Foundation created in cooperation with the Foundation Against Smart Phones. The app includes tie-ins to the Anti-Social Facebook page, Twitter feed and other social media such as Tumblr and Pintrest.

“We urge all Americans to stop using social media, and listen to our message about how social media is destroying the world as we know it. All they have to do is follow us on Facebook.”

“And when they’re at our Facebook page, they should hit ‘Like’ to show us how much they really support our campaign,” added Snidely.

The campaign has already increased the number of Twitter followers it had by a factor of ten and now has more than 15,000 Facebook “Likes”. Foundation officials say it will likely go down to be one of the most successful social media-based fundraising campaigns in history.