Sunday, June 9, 2013

Obama administration won’t reveal how they can pinpoint political donors right down to who they called or emailed

How does he pinpoint donor emails, phone calls?

Fundraisers across the nation are marvelling at how the Obama administration’s political fundraising machine has been able to target donors with pinpoint accuracy. But so far, Obama’s fundraisers won’t say how they do it.

“They have the most amazing system,” said Dibble Brewer, CEO of the League of Big Honking Charities, which represents the largest charities in the US. “I mean they seem to know everything about donors – who they hang with, who they talk to, even what they say in their email. I don’t know what fundraising techniques they’re using, but’s it’s absolutely fantastic.”

Donors have reported that Obama fundraisers call them, email and even show up at their door at exactly the right time to make a pitch to support the President.

“I was emailing my sister and telling her that I really like Obama’s foreign policy approach to the Middle East,” said Jerry Berry, a salesman from Plano, Texas. “Five minutes later, I got an email from Obama’s political fundraising machine asking for help supporting better foreign policy outcomes for America. It was uncanny.”

Turner Weiner, of Sharpsburg, Maryland says he received a call from the Obama Presidential Fund just a few minutes after talking with his buddy Gerald in Baltimore about the need for better gun control.

“Like I had just put down the phone to Gerald talking about how we have too many guns on the street when the Obama people are on the line asking me to give $50.00 to help the President keep guns off the street. Man, they have some slick fundraising machine!”

Fundraising experts say the Obama political machine is likely using sophisticated database analysis techniques coupled with a state-of-the-art call center. But even then, no one is sure how Obama’s campaign can be so accurate.

“It’s almost like they know what people are saying and doing. It’s that good,” said Brewer.

The League of Big Honking Charities has asked the White House several times to get an inside look at their fundraising machine, but most times they’ve been turned down or strangely referred to the National Security Agency, which in fact does not do any fundraising at all.

Administration sources say the new fundraising system, which Obama reportedly took over from the Bush Administration, has tripled donations to the President since his first term.

“It’s like magic. How do they do it?” said Brewer, who later received a call during his interview with NP Humour from Obama’s political fund asking for a donation to “help the President communicate better to the media.”