Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boy, 11, hires fundraising telemarketing agency to raise money to buy bike


Jimmy, the 11-year old boy who lives down the street, has hired one of the nation’s largest fundraising telemarketing agency to help him raise the $256.27 he needs to buy a new bike.

The agency, Big Invoice, announced the campaign yesterday with a celebrity telethon at the Metro Convention Centre downtown. More than 40 local celebrities were on hand to make the first calls to Jimmy’s parents, family, friends and thousands of Metro residents asking for donations for the new bike, which Jimmy says he needs in order fulfill his desire to fit in with his peers and “be as good as Tony and Ramon”.

The campaign started a month ago, when Jimmy’s dad told Jimmy that he’d have to save up his own money to buy the new full-suspension, entry-level mountain bike. Jimmy’s current bike was a hand-me-down from his older brother Roger and is five years old.

“I was wondering how to get the money for the bike. My dad said I should do some chores for the neighbors to make some extra money. And mom said I should try and get a paper route,” said Jimmy, chair of the campaign. “But then I thought why don’t I just ask people to like donate me the money. Fundraising is easy. I did a Google search and called Big Invoice.”

Big Invoice CEO Terrance Snidely says they immediately recognized the potential for Jimmy’s campaign.

“In all my years of fundraising, I’ve never seen a need such as this. It was so obvious that Jimmy needs a new bike, especially if he’s going to get attention from girls in his school. And the solution was equally obvious – buy him a new bike and change the world. We were sold on day one,” said Snidely.

The Jimmy’s Bike Campaign, which the agency created, plans to raise more than $150 million to over ten
The Bike
years to get Jimmy a bike, plus regular maintenance and classes in biking tricks. The campaign will feature radio and print ads using the faces and voices of famous football stars and those members of the US National Cycling Team not currently in jail for doping violations. The first wave of calls to more than 10,000 people in Metro used a recording of Jimmy talking about the challenge of growing up with a less-than-perfect bike.

So far, the response to the campaign has been very positive. Jimmy’s grandmother, Florence, and the strange neighbour down the street, Boris, have both pledged $10.00.  Jimmy’s dad doesn’t answer calls from telemarketers, but Jimmy’s mom did respond to a campaign fundraising call in a somewhat favourable way. She ended the call by reminding Jimmy to do his chores.

“I’m thinking that I got this in the bag. Soon I’ll have the bike and be the coolest dude in the neighbourhood,” said Jimmy.

“Now, I just need a new game system and I’ll be all set!”