Monday, May 27, 2013

Charity has pre-programmed their Tweets until the year 2017

It's all in the can.

Metro’s largest charity has their Twitter feed pre-programmed for the next several years.

The East Metro Community Foundation has been using new social media automation software that lets users plan out their Tweets far in advance. CEO Dibble Brewer says they got the idea after looking at the new communication software.

“We heard about automation software that allowed us to schedule Tweets, and then it hit me. Why not use this to simulate that we have a vibrant, authentic plan to engage our donors,” said Brewer.

The Foundation started using the automation to handle vacations of key communications staff and to Tweet after hours and weekends. Then, Brewer told staff to pre-load Tweets until the year 2017.

A quarter of the pre-programmed Tweets include irrelevant but catchy quotes from famous people like Mother Theresa, Economist Mort Drucker and Pirate Captain Blackbeard.

“Burn down the village and slaughter their cattle. Viking Svart Blardboss. EastMetroCF,” reads one Tweet. “Live strong and don’t cheat. Lance Armstrong,” said another.

A further 25 per cent of the pre-programmed Tweets include references to seasonal events like Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and International Chicken Farmer Day.

“Happy New Year’s for this year (whatever it is). EastMetroCF” reads one Tweet.

“We were stumped about what to do about Retweeting – when we have to actually interact with what other people are Tweeting. But since most people don’t actually read other people’s Tweets it was easy to fool them,” said Brewer.

“Shout out to what’s their face for their retweet,” reads one Tweet. “Thanks to #whoever for #whatever,” said another.

“We have Twitter all figured out for years to come and not one of our donors will ever be able to tell. Our engagement plan for our donors will be the envy of every other charity if Metro,” bragged Brewer, who fired two communications staff once the plan went into effect.

In a related story, The Foundation has replaced Brewer with a new robot that includes pre-programmed responses to CEO questions for the next two years.

“This is a really interested development. Please give to the Foundation,” said the new CEO.