Thursday, March 21, 2013

Foundation to Stop Procrastination delays its new strategic plan, again

Wasn't there something I should be doing?

The new charity trying to fight chronic procrastination says it will be delaying its new strategic plan. The Foundation to Stop Procrastination was due to come up with its first five year plan last week, but now says it will have something to stakeholders by the end of next month.

“We just let this one get away from us,” said Foundation CEO Wendy Snidely. “We were working so hard on other important things that we just couldn’t get this done. We’ll have it in the bag next month. Really.”

The new charity was created last year after more than 20 years of study, discussion and research. The plan called for the Foundation to create its first strategic plan within two months of starting operations. It was first put off for six months because of lack of board engagement and then again two months ago because of a lack of staff preparation. Snidely says this time the problem was “competing priorities.”

“We have so much that we have to do to get this national charity off the ground,” she explained. “We just need more time.”

The Foundation has delayed several initiatives since it was launched. The first direct mail piece to donors at Christmas was actually sent in February. The hiring of staff, due to take place the week before launch, actually started months afterwards. Some staff positions have in fact not been filled. Even last year’s budget has never been approved and this year’s hasn’t been started yet.

“Our board hasn’t met for months. We just can’t get seem to find the time when everyone’s available,” said Snidely. “It’s very strange.”

The Foundation was set-up to combat chronic procrastination that experts say strikes thousands of people across the US every year. The condition makes them continually put off important activities again and again. Snidely says many who suffer from chronic procrastination don’t even know they have the disease.

Delayed strategic plans are nothing new to Metro charities. The Stop Disorganization Now Foundation also announced a delay in their plan after their preliminary report went missing.

“I had the strategic report in my hand, but then it vanished somewhere on my desk. We think it might have been stolen,” said CEO Dibble Brewer.

As well, the Metro Anarchist Foundation reported last week that their Board would up burning their strategic plan minutes after it was made because it was a symbol authority and the hierarchical organization of human relations, which they in fact oppose.