Sunday, February 24, 2013

Average age of “Young Donors Club” is 70

The leaders of the Young Donors Club

Metro’s largest charity has started a new club to help create the philanthropists of the future. The Metro Community Foundation’s “Young Donor’s Club” will help the charity chart a new course of giving into the near future.

“We’re very proud of our new young donor’s initiative. These people are our future. And the future of our community,” said Foundation CEO Turner Snidely. “We’re really proud of the young people we’ve been able to attract to the program. Some area actually younger than 75.”

The club, which will meet weekly at the Dibble Brewer Nursing Home across from the Foundation offices, will help invigorate the charity’s flagging donations.  The leaders of the group, Col. James Turkey (Retired), 71, and Mrs. June Youngblood, 70, were selected after an exhaustive search throughout the Foundation’s database for young donors.

“We selected two of our most energetic, young and vibrant leaders. We’re hoping that James and June will be able to reach a whole new group of donors to support our programs and help the community,” said Snidely.

“We’re getting young and hip,” he said.

Youngblood, whose husband was a long-time donor to the Foundation before he died two years ago, says she thinks it’s the responsibility of her generation to stand up for community institutions like the Foundation.

“Even though I’m in a nursing home now, the Foundation convinced me that this is our time. We’ve let the older generation run things far too long. It’s time to we younger people step up to the plate and do our bit,” she said.

Turkey, who suffers from Dementia, was unavailable for comment, but released a hand-written note calling on all 70-somethings to join the Young Donors Club, especially if they were healthy and still mobile. He also asked for someone to tell him who won the Second World War.

Already, more than two dozen young donors have expressed an interest in the program. Many of them were beneficiaries of the Foundation’s senior’s community exercise programs at the local YMCA.

“The Club will be working on how to attract younger donors to the Foundation,” said Snidely. “So far, they’ve come with an idea of a sock hop at the community centre, lawn bowling, knitting parties and putting slogans on those prescription boxes that tell seniors which drugs to take on which day. It’s a great start.”