Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New charity created to prevent sky from falling

A group of Metro animals has gathered together to start their own charity to prevent the sky from falling.

The charity, called the Sky Fall Trust, was the idea of Chicken Little, a small chick from Metro. Little, a Red Shaver breed egg-laying chicken, had a piece of the sky fall on her head a month ago. Since then, she has been spreading the word around farms and forests in Metro that the sky may soon tumble down upon all our heads.

“I talked to Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky about this. And then I ran over to tell Turkey Lurkey and Goosey Loosey. They all agreed that the sky was very important and that we needed to do something to stop it from falling down,” said the chick, who’s brain is the size of a strawberry.

Little tried unsuccessfully to bring the issue to the attention of government officials and the media. It just fell through the cracks. After discussing the problem over with fundraising consultant Foxy Loxy, Little decided that they should start a charity aimed at raising money to address the issue and educate the public about sky elasticity.

“Foxy told me that the only way people would pay attention to the sky falling down would be if they were educated about it. Then he said he’d be happy to help us create a charity to raise money to do just that. I was so relieved,” said the trusting and na├»ve Little.

Little was named Executive Director of the Sky Fall Trust, who’s brand is “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling”. Loxy created an aggressive plan of “friend-raising” for Little who started working night and day talking to other animals and encouraging them to join the Trust.

Initially, Little says, recruiting new volunteers for the Trust was hard. But thanks for slick social media campaign and Internet search ads created by Loxy, attention to the issue of sky fall soon grew. Last week, the Trust had recruited their 100th volunteer.

“Foxy was so pleased. I had surpassed all the targets for the plan. He’s so funny. He calls our new recruits was ‘meat-filled volunteers’. I guess that’s carnivore humor. But he always adds that when it comes to sky fall we’re all in the same pot together,” said Little.

The Trust is planning its first major fundraising event next week – a fundraising dinner for the volunteers at Loxy’s fox lair.

“We’re all getting together to discuss this issue over dinner. We’ll be having a silent auction and entertainment will be provided by some of Foxy’s cousins who have their own band, the Meat Eaters. It should be wonderful,” said Little.

Future fundraising plans include a recipe cookbook.