Monday, January 2, 2012

The winners of the first annual NP LOL People's Choice Awards have been chosen. People from across Canada, the US and Australia went online in December to pick the funniest story and animation of 2011 from the NP Humour Blog. The awards featured 13 nominees in two categories -- stories and animated features.

The winner of Best NP Humour Story of 2011 was “God turned down on grant application to create humankind.”  The story about God’s grant making abilities garnered 30% of all votes. The runner up, “New strategic plan lasts only 20 minutes”, took 15.0% of the votes.

In the best animated feature category “Local charity asks manger to donate salary and work for free” won top honours with 30% of the vote.

NP Humour Creator John Suart says the NP LOL People's Choice Awards was the perfect finish for the comedy site’s first year.

“When we started, no one knew who we are or what we were doing. Some even thought these were real stories. But we’ve managed to grow from just one fan to just over 8,500 in one year. It shows that there’s an appetite for humour in the non-profit sector,” said Suart.

Suart says the site is now looking for partners to make it grow even more.

The NP Humour website for the not-for-profit sector started in early 2011 and officially launched Nov. 18. It's the only site of its kind in the world. The site combines text, imagery and animation.