Saturday, November 19, 2011

Department of Homeland Fundraising says it has raised at least $357.12 after two weeks of massive trillion dollar campaign to prevent US default

The fundraising campaign to save the US government from default says it has raised a record $357.12 after two weeks.

The Department of Homeland Fundraising’s “Give or Else” campaign, the largest fundraising campaign on Earth, has a goal of raising $1 Trillion  by the end of the year. Department Secretary Dibble Snidely says they have been thrilled with the kind of success they have been getting.

“I’m really excited by the work we have done to date. We’ve increased our total raised by nearly 20 times. That’s quite an achievement,” she said.

When the campaign started in late October it had collected $17.95. That leaves just $999,999,999,642.88 that the Department must collect before December 31st, or roughly $15 million every second between now and December 31st.

“I especially want to thank the NRA Ladies Club of Paso, Texas for making a $300.00 donation last week. That was really great. We couldn’t actually read the letter that it came with because at 200 pages of handwriting it just took too long,” said Snidely.

The Department’s more than 5,000 major gift officers have been knocking on doors across the country and even overseas for two weeks. More than 200 million direct mail pieces were also sent out. The President even called the heads of foreign governments directly and asked them to make a personal donation.

“Only the Greek prime minister said he would give, but then he lost his job and said he couldn’t pay,” said Snidely.

The President issued a statement from the White House thanking the 13 donors who have made gifts so far and called on all Americans to do the same.