Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Honking Ad Agency releases new book “Guide to Giving Our Ad Agency Your Money by Learning about Social Media”

Non-Profit organizations across the globe now have a new tool to help them use social media. The Big Honking Group, a leading national ultra-cool ad agency, has released a new guide to social media called “Guide to Giving Our Ad Agency Your Money by Learning about Social Media”. It answers every question an organization or business could have about making the Big Honking Group money by learning about social media.

"Social media is not a craze or a fad, it is a reality. Non-profit organbizations need to use this important tool to better connect to donors and supporters. And they need to do it in a way that makes us money," said Jay Snidely, Chief Creative Naming Officer at the Big Honking Group.

The book contains 15 chapters on social media ideas and tips, including building a Facebook page, using Twitter and paying for mostly useless consultations with Big Honking Groups many improverished partners.

"Social media is the way of the future. So are we. This book helps you take a step forward for your organization and our world. And, we need a new coffee machine in the staff lounge," added Snidely